Honeywell, a multinational conglomerate, recognized the need for a unified design language across its digital platforms. With a vast array of products and services, the company sought to enhance user experience, streamline design processes, and ensure consistency across its digital touchpoints.
1. Lack of Consistency: Honeywell's digital products lacked a cohesive design language, leading to inconsistencies in user experience and brand representation.
2. Efficiency: The design and development teams often faced challenges in communication and alignment, leading to longer product development cycles.
3. Scalability: With a growing portfolio of digital products, Honeywell needed a design system that could be easily scaled and adapted to future needs.
Adam Cohen, as a Senior Digital Product Designer, took on the challenge of establishing Honeywell’s first design system documentation.
Unified Design Language: Adam curated materials that included iconography, typography, web/mobile components, patterns, and digital controls, ensuring a consistent and intuitive user experience across platforms.
Component Libraries & Style Guides: Adam created component libraries and style reference guides, providing designers and developers with a single source of truth. This streamlined the design process and ensured consistency.
Collaboration & Training: Adam coordinated mobile app design projects, working closely with internal design and development teams using tools like JIRA and Confluence. He also provided creative direction and feedback, ensuring adherence to the new design language. Furthermore, Adam was responsible for creating documentation used by international design teams and trained designers to use it as a tool for design reviews, documentation, and collaboration.
Enhanced User Experience: With a unified design language, users experienced a more intuitive and consistent interaction with Honeywell's digital products.
Streamlined Processes: The introduction of component libraries and style guides reduced the time taken from design to development, leading to faster product releases.
Brand Cohesiveness: Honeywell's digital products now reflected a consistent brand image, strengthening its position in the market.
"Adam's expertise in establishing our first-ever design system has been invaluable. His meticulous approach ensured that our digital products now offer a seamless and consistent user experience. We've seen a significant reduction in design-related queries and a faster time-to-market for our products." - Shannon Randall, Lead UX Designer, Honeywell
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